ABAC Therapeutics: Reaching Mass-Media

In the recent decades, the uncontrolled use of wide-spectrum antibiotics to treat infections and their massive usage in livestock food has significantly contributed to the rise of strains resistant to conventional drugs, which were per se the only effective way to deal with them.

Due to these events, the concerns regarding bacteria related illnesses have dramatically risen, up to the point where even the WHO itself urged for the development of new antibiotics able to deal with the most problematic pathogens. This call has rapidly been answered by numerous pharmaceutical companies, which are now on the race of finding new treatments, more effective and personalized than the traditional ones.

ABAC Therapeutics is one of these companies, focused on the discovery and development of first-in-class, novel mechanism, pathogen-specific antibacterial drugs to treat multi-drug resistant infections.

In fact, many mass-media from different fields have echoed this necessity of new antibiotics and have remarked the vital contribution ABAC Therapeutics is making in this particular field. Some examples are:

Diario Médico (01/11/2015): ABAC busca llevar la medicina personalizada al terreno antibacteriano  (Spanish version. Only available under registration). English Version.

Diario Expansión (09/12/2015): ABAC Therapeutics busca 3,5 millones para crear nuevos antibióticos (Spanish version). English version.

The Parliament Magazine (08/02/2016): ABAC therapeutics. Precision antimicrobial agents            (Direct access to: Page 33)