First meeting for the constitution of the Antibiotic Discovery Spanish Network (AD-SP)

Valoralia I más D celebrated the First Day of “Networking” on Antibiotics Research .

The event that gathered leading scientists and health professionals like Jose Campos Marques (ISCiii), Francisca Vicente (Fundación Medina), Domingo Gargallo Viola (Grupo Ferrer) and Anthony RM Coates (St. Georges University) among others, has served to its create the Spanish network focused on providing solutions to the increasing emergence of multidrug resistance to current antibiotics AD-SP (Antibiotic Discovery – Spain).

During the speech, José Campos Marques, who is following closely this issue, outlined his vision of the current situation, providing research data on a global and national level, emphasizing the threat that proliferation of multiresistant bacteria pose to the population.

In the same way, Domingo Gargallo Viola, in his speech, expressed his opinion about the less interest of “Big Pharma” in this sector of business. A controversial topic that interests collide health and economic interests in seeking profitability vs. common good. In his view the growing current problem should have been expected by large corporations, raising the following question: “In 50 years  haven’t we been able to realize the expected emergence of resistance to antibiotics?”

Afterwards, Professor Anthony RM Coates founder of AD-UK (Antibiotic Discovery – United Kingdom) explained the operation of this network.

During the round table promoted by the three speakers an Dr. Youness Ouahid, the audience very active expressed their doubts, thoughts and opinions that leave a good impression.


This article was first published in the Valoralia I más D website

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