Date: 27/11/2014

Time: 10:30h-16:30h

Place: ABAC Therapeutics. Joan XXIII, 10. Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona.


Domingo Gargallo-Viola.  CSO ABAC Therapeutics.


  • Jordi Vila. Head of Hospital Clínic. Barcelona.Professor/Lecturer Microbiology Department. Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona. Director of the Antibiotic Resistance Initiative of the Global Health Institute of Barcelona. (ISGlobal)
  • Francisco J. López Hernández. Director of the Group. Biomedical Investigation Institute of Salamanca (IBSAL). University of Salamanca.
  • Rafael Cantón. Head of University Hospital Ramón y Cajal. Ramón y Cajal Health Investigation Institute (IRYCIS). Madrid. Chairman of EUCAST (European Committee of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing)
  • Olga Genilloud. Scientific Director of Fundación MEDINA.
  • Yuoness Ouahid BenkaddourDrug Discovery and Development Project Manager of Valoralia I+D
  • Domingo Gargallo-Viola. CSO of ABAC Therapeutics.
  • Juan Luis Romera. Head of the Health Division. Health Department. Bio-economy, Climate and Natural Resources. Division of Promotion and Coordination. CDTI.




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10.30     Reception. Coffee.

10:55     Welcome and introduction. Domingo Gargallo-Viola.

11:00    Antibiotic Resistance is a Global Threat: ubi simus et ubi erant ‘iens. Jordi Vila.

11:20     New urinary markers for side diagnostics  of aminoglycoside antibiotics. Francisco J. López Hernández

11:40     Personalized Medicine in infectious deseases. Rafael Cantón.

12:00     Natural Products as sources of new antibiotics. Olga Genilloud

12:20     Cyanobacteria. Factory of New Drugs.Youness Ouahid Benkaddour

12:40     Innovation focused on risk management and value creation. Domingo Gargallo-Viola.

13:00     Funding opportunities in national and international Company R&D. Juan Luis Romera.

13:30     Lunch Break.

14:30   Election of the Promoter Committee and approval of the Work Plan for the Constitution of the ANTIMICROBIAL DISCOVERY SPANISH NETWORK (AD-SP) Moderator: Albert Palomer. CEO ABAC Therapeutics.

16:00     Summary and conclusions.

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